Free Pet Custody Agreement Forms

The following agreement was developed by Colleen Sparks, a family lawyer who assists clients with expertise as divorce counsel in California. As part of these agreements, the parties determine the precise determination of custody rights, including the dates of the animal`s termination and deadlines, so that the parties are on the same page of their visits and responsibilities. When a relationship ends, sharing common ownership is common. But if it also involves animal companions who feel like family members, a fair solution to child care can be a challenge. An agreement on animal protection sets conditions for both parties to compromise on issues such as animal care, visitation and other common concerns. If both parties are related to the pet, this agreement may determine the allocation of time, so that neither party is obliged to abandon the entire property. These agreements can be used for any type of pet, from a dog to a hamster to a cat. An agreement on animal protection will have all the information that both parties will need to share the care of the animal – often referred to as « accompanying animal ». Safe buying: All our legal forms and letters are correct, easy to use and downloadable immediately.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our « 100% refund, no questions asked » policy! This pet care agreement is perfect for parties looking for a solid arrangement to keep their pet. This agreement can be used to establish custody and care for any type of pet, such as dog.B. dog, cat, snake, lizard or an animal larger like a horse. This document is used when two people need a written record of the custody contract they have developed for their pet. Other clauses to be considered in this agreement are: Pet Custody Agreement-stipulation-free draft-template-example.pdf An animal care contract can be established at any time. It is best to reach the agreement if you do not need it, as a security measure in case the relationship ends. After the end of a relationship, it may be more difficult to accept conditions, especially if the division is less consensual than consensual. Another scenario is that the roommates decide to adopt a dog together, but later, one of the roommates moves into a new property that does not allow pets. A pet agreement allows former roommates to formally accept that the remaining part of the unit that authorizes pets will have custody of the dog.