Security Access Card Agreement

(Treaty) Consultant and contracting person with a college contract or service contract: To obtain keys, mandated consultants and contractors must complete and sign a key/access card application form, including a list of accessible buildings and premises, the duration of access requested and recognition of potential costs that may result from lost keys. In addition, applications must be signed by the contract manager (or the manager`s representative). For keys assigned to consultants or contractors already under a service contract, a signed key/access card application form is required. Keys assigned to a person through this process cannot be used by consultants or contractors or by persons other than the responsible contractor/adviser to whom the key was issued. All keys are returned to the college after the conclusion of the contractual benefits. The appropriate counsellor/contractor must report public safety by telephone to (541) 463-5558 when working evenings and weekends on university grounds. Public safety oversees Titan Court staff who facilitate access cards for residents and employees of the Mary Spilde Downtown Center. Interior door key, inside the door of several class keys, and inside individual door keys require the approval of the division head, dean or director. Authorized persons can designate a proxy to request keys for staff within a department, but remain responsible for all these requests. In addition, Public Safety agencies or officers may refuse any significant request that affects campus security. Building-specific main keys are installed in all Knox boxes in the building to allow access to the emergency response of firefighters in accordance with legal compliance requirements.

When a manager identifies staff allocation key requirements, the manager undertakes a work mission for the institutions. The mandate describes the required access and is signed by the relevant authority at the level of access and the position of the recipient of the key. Once the key has been manufactured and delivered to the Facilities office, facility staff will notify the service so that the recipient can sign a key contract and retrieve the key at the Facilities office in Building 7. All new keys are stamped « Don`t duplicate. » Please take at least two weeks for Facilities staff to process important requests. In the service, public safety officers can help employees who need a key card.